Getting More ZZZZs

Get More ZZZZZs … 24 Natural Self-Care Sleep Strategies


Everything you wanted to know about sleep, but were too tired to ask.

Sleep deprivation can occur from our high paced lifestyle, a variety of demands, shift work, stress and a 24/7 culture. You should wake up refreshed and feel energetic all day. If not, you may find some good tips below. Choose one or two and practice utilizing them for at least two weeks.

  • Sleep, both quantity and quality is as important as food and air. Most adults need between 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Teenagers need more (9-11 hours).
  • Keep regular sleep times – both upon going to bed and upon rising.
  • Light – mimic sunset at night (oranges rather than blue or greens). Use dimmers to reduce light in and around the house before sleep. Increase melatonin production 1-2 hours before bed 0.5-2mg. Keep the bedroom dark. Use light blocking curtains.

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