The Trip of a Lifetime

Last month, I gifted myself with a trip to Greece. This has been on my dream board for over 30 years! I had posters of Santorini on my bedroom walls when others had pictures of the latest “boy band”. I do believe that all of our dreams can come true … when we say “Yes”!
What have you been putting off ?… hopefully, not for decades like I did on this one. Regardless of when we yes, it’s more important that we say “Yes”!
My childhood friend passed away last year. When she was diagnosed with cancer she used as many moments as she was physically able to in crossing the items off her bucket list. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to experience everything that she wanted to.
We hearView from Greece of these stories. We know we need to shift our priorities. We are aware that we can afford it or make the time, and to experience the joy of life. … It’s what we choose to Believe. And a Belief is just a Thought that we’ve been thinking over and over.
Do your thoughts need to change?
Do you need to stop putting a dream on the back burner?
Do your beliefs about your health create more well-being?
What are your priorities?
What is your perspective on time?
There in lies your power … To Realize that your Thoughts create your Beliefs and your Beliefs create your Experiences.
This trip was a life-time experience, and I’m so glad I gave this to myself.
What is your Gift to yourself?
Want to join me for the 2016 Greek Goddess Bliss Retreat?
Say YES!