Rise Up and Become

This is Your Time
It’s time to be who you are here to be.
It’s time to release anything and everything that is holding you back.
Don’t wait ANOTHER second!
It’s time to release thoughts of unworthiness, the “I’m not enough”, and the pain of not being authentic.
It’s time to shed the burden of your parent’s pain, your ancestor’s limiting beliefs, or the society message of “you can’t be that … you can’t do that”!
It’s time to be YOU. The world needs YOU … NOW.
Be courageous in your beingness.
Crack your heart wide open so that you may feel the preciousness of LIFE as YOU.
Feel it in the marrow of your bones.
Savor your own deliciousness.
Let your own light warm you.
Cherish the magnificence of your body temple.
Allow a new love to be born within you, for you, as you.
You said YES to being YOU before you were born.
It’s time to RISE UP and Become ALL that you are here to BE.
inspired by Julie Zipper

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