I Want Results!!!

The Observe, Feel, See Formula
No matter when we decide to improve our health, it’s human nature to want to experience results from our diligent efforts.
However, discouragement can set in when we don’t see changes quickly.
One of my clients recently expressed this. Not seeing results after the 1st week was affecting her motivation for continuing her weight loss plan. I set her up with a “lifestyle” plan of eating better and working out consistently. We also tweaked some of her other daily habits so she slept better and had consistent energy all day.
I empathized with her; “Yes, we do want to see results from our efforts”, and suggested my Results Formula. Here it is:
Week 1-2: OBSERVE subtle results, such as having more energy or sleeping better.
Week 3-4: FEEL changes in how clothing fits. Also feeling less anxious, stressed or depressed.
Week 5-6: SEE physical changes, such as weight loss, muscle tone, strength and endurance, as well as components of previous weeks.
When we embark on any lifestyle change, it usually takes about 4 weeks to see physical results, as well as those changes to become more of a habit.
Then there are many benefits we don’t actually “see”, such as lowering our risks for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and some cancers.
The Observe, Feel, See approach can work with any improvements you make in your life.  Be Patient, Be Consistent, and Continue to BE Alive & Well.

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