Holiday Mantras

Holiday Affirmations
I now embrace all that the holidays uniquely offer.
I choose laugher, joy, ease, fun, flow and love.
I accept that I’m doing the best I can with each situation.
I choose to be my true self as much as possible.
I am in a state of appreciation for all of the gifts I receive every day.
It feels good to give and receive.
I allow the love of the season to warm my heart.
My loved ones, including myself are protected, provided for and living a miracle.
I am vibrantly alive and express the joy of the season.
My unique self is a gift in and of itself.
I express myself with authenticity, graciousness and kindness.
I can laugh at life’s little obstacles, knowing everything is working out for me.
I hug my family and bless their presence in my life.
I take care of myself in the ways I need to and create the best holidays I can.
The past does not predict my future. Every holiday is new and its own creation.
I continue the holiday traditions that feel good, and change or create different ones too.
Much Joy, Love, Peace and Abundance, Barbara